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Carving is a type of art that has high value. So, many people from various parts of the world are interested to have it. In Indonesia, carving has been popular and worldwide since long ago. One of them is Bali Stone Carving that offer a unique carving art.

The Balinese are very clever in making stone carvings. It was influenced by the habits of those who use statues as religious and cultural rituals. Today, Balinese sculpture carvings are sought after by people from various countries because of their quality.

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Bali Stone Carving Forms You Can Have

Today, the shape of Balinese stone carvings is increasingly varied. From the most common models to antique carvings. Here are some forms of sculpture that can be used as a reference according to your needs.

Fauna Carvings

Carved fauna motifs in Indonesia are very interesting. Moreover, in Indonesia there are many types of animals that are conserved. In addition, animals are sacred symbols for some beliefs. Thus, this type of engraving is sought after by the public.

Carvings with animal motifs are usually installed around museums or animal parks. The model it self depends on the request of each relevant authority. Making animal carvings is more difficult because they have to make patterns and imitate them from the start.

Plant Carvings

Indonesia is an archipelagic country. So, in it there are many types of plants that live. This is what inspires humans to make floral motifs. The carving is widely used by the community as decoration. Both the interior decoration or exterior decoration.

For example, floral carvings are often used as room decoration. There are also intricate carved tree carvings and many others. If placed around a nature reserve, the most appropriate is the carving of various types of plants that are made attached to the wall. Thus, the artistic value is increasingly visible.

Carved Human Motifs

Humans are also often used as objects for making sculpture. In ancient times, carvings of human motifs were made by royal circles as a form of culture and art. Then it still exists for decades after. It was an inspiration for humans in this era to create human carvings with various models.

Today, human-patterned carvings are often found in various monuments, museums and other important places. For example, the carving of a hero who was placed in places of Indonesian history. Some of these carvings are made of stone and some are made of wood.

Carving on the Temple

Carvings on temple buildings are also commonly built by ancient people. It continues to be preserved to this day. Almost in all temples there are certain carvings. Including the temple that is used for Hindu-Buddhist worship.

Carving is indeed not easy, so it is not uncommon for these works to have high prices. Especially for the types of carvings that mimic certain models or objects. The more complicated an object that will be used as an example, the higher the cost that must be given to artists.

Carving on the Gate

In addition to some of the forms of Bali Stone Carving above, you can also add carving art at the gate and other public places. Carving on the gate will further add to the beauty of the building inside. People who enter the gate will feel impressed and comfortable.

An example is the gate at the official residence in a certain area or the gate pointing at one area to another. These forms of carving are very easy to find in Indonesia. And not infrequently also in other countries.

Carved Garden Decoration

Another form of carving in Indonesia is the park. The stones are given a certain carved decoration will be more beautiful when placed in the park. An example is a flowerpot with carved plants. There are also special carvings for fountains and many others.

Stone carving for the garden gives a natural and elegant impression. Thus, the beauty of the park will be increasingly visible.

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Steps for Making Bali Stone Carving Art from Beginning to End 

Basically, carving is an art of drawing on hard materials such as wood and stone. Although not everyone has a high artistic spirit, they can still produce engraving by learning. There are several steps that must be done to produce quality carving, here are the steps:

Prepare Materials

The first step that must be done to make carving art is to prepare the material. There are at least two types of material for carving, the first is stone and the second is wood. However, in this case we will talk about the steps to make stone carving. For stones, try to choose the most suitable type of stone. 

Prepare the Tools

After successfully finding the right stone and the desired size, the next step is to prepare the tool. There are several tools needed to make carving art. The main tools are saws, hammers and chisels. You can buy it at the nearest building or equipment shop.

Create an Image or Pattern on a Stone

Next, draw a picture on the stone according to the type of object desired. Also adjust the image to the size of the stone so that the results are more proportional.

Carving the Outer Motif

After the pattern is successfully created, then you must carve the outside of the image. The goal is that the sculpture results in accordance with the pattern.

The form of sculptures and indentations according to the pattern

Then do the sculpting process carefully according to the picture. Use adequate sculpting tools so that the results are neater.

Spruce Carving Process or Finishing

The final step is finishing. In this stage, you have to tidy up the sculpture and refine it. 

Bali Stone Carving is one of the best carving art producers in Indonesia. Therefore, it is not surprising that many customers from various parts of the world order carving products in this area. Carved artworks of stone are more desirable because they are of better quality and are durable. For more information, please visit our website at

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