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There are a lot of stone products for sale that you can choose as a home exterior. But make sure you only buy the best product for your sanctuary.

Balinese Stone Statue

Balinese Stone Statue

Do you plan to decorate your house using stone products? But you have no idea which products are the best and fit your theme? No worries, because we will help you to restrict your option to the best product options.

Here are the five best stone products that you can choose for your exterior and even garden:

  • Wall panels

wall panel yuli yudhistira

wall panel yuli yudhistira

A wall panel is a piece of material cut into a rectangular shape and often flat. The panel is visible and used to cover the inner part of the wall.  This product has a function as decorations, insulation, and soundproofing provider.

In many places, people usually cover their walls using wood materials. But if you want to increase the elegance and artistic values of your house, you can also pick products made of natural stones.

  • Carved pots

If you think that pots are always made of clay, you must be left behind for so many years. Nowadays, many artists use natural and casting stones to carve a pot. And the outcome is as beautiful as what clay pots can display.

Carved Stone Pots

Carved Stone Potsduc

There are various ranges of carved pots that you can use as planter pots, lantern pots, or even just decoration as they are. You can put them in your garden, terrace, even patio. When you pick some specific shape and carving, you can create a theme for your garden.

  • Antique statues

If you want your house to become more artsy and antique, picking up an antique statue will never go wrong.  The theme can vary from ancient greek, East Asian, mostly Chinese, and also traditional Balinese statues. If you are bound to classic Balinese themes, you are on the right page.

Balinese statues have a wide variety of size, colour, shape, and carving. You can also see a lot of significant figures in Hindu`s religious tradition that have lived for more than a thousand years on the island.  These statues not only can give more elegance and antique feeling but also can provide you with a comfortable and serene atmosphere.

Antique Statue Art

L.38 x W.26 x H.147 cm

One of the common traditional techniques that are used to make Balinese statues is chiselling. Stone chiselling is used in the early stage of carving. The tool that is used to do this work is called a chisel, a piece of steel that is long, pointy and hefty.

For more information about Balinese statues, you can visit Stone Carving in Bali: The Best Quality and Ready to Export and Beautiful Balinese Stone Sculpture for Your Garden.

  • Wall reliefs

Relief Stone Art

Relief Stone Art

A wall relief is a mounted sculpture on the wall which is formed into three-dimensional elements. The relief is protruded from a flat-based wall. This type of art is used to add accents to your home exterior and decorative banding. In the old times, people usually carved and relieved flat walls using a hammer and other traditional tools.

With the support of advanced technology, the works are easier because of stone printing machines.

  • Marble carving Statues

Marble carving is not only good for your exterior but also the interior. One of the advantages of using marble as your decoration material is translucent; its surface is soft and easy to work and polish.

Yuli Yudhistira Stone Carving

L.25 x W.17 x H.40 CM

Some famous marble carving products to decorate your house are marble statues, walls and bathroom ornaments.

Buy the Best Quality Stone Products with Affordable Price

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All of your orders will be shipped through air or sea freight carriers. It all depends on your preferences and budgets. If you need the products to arrive at your home as soon as possible, you can choose an air freight expedition. However, the cost could be much more expensive. Sea freight forwarding will be more friendly to your wallet. But in return, the shipment will take some time to arrive at your front door.  As the shipment agent, we already have a licensed and years of an experienced partner in the worldwide expedition business. 

As a closing mark, we would like to invite you to our store or website to check our stone products and further information. We will provide the best quality product at affordable prices.


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