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Bali is not only famous as a region rich in tourism and culture, but there are various industries on this island that are popular in the world. One of the economic sectors that are quite advanced in Bali is the production of various sculpture models. In fact, currently, there is a Bali statue for an order that can be used as a reference when buying a statue.

The sculptures of Balinese production have interesting sides and advantages compared to others. That is why many people choose to come all the way to this place just to buy or order a statue. Of course, they have different goals when buying statues.

How to Order a Practical and Easy Bali Statue

Before buying a statue, make sure you have determined the right location. This is because not all sellers offer the best quality and price. After choosing a place, the next step is to order according to the procedure. Here are a few steps to order a sculpture at a Balinese sculpture company.

Contact Customer Service

The first easy step to take when ordering a sculptured product here is to contact customer service. You can open our official website to get the right number. After that, you can directly call the number to ask questions in advance or directly order the statue.

Furthermore, customer service will provide the best service to you. One of them is by giving information about the procedure of purchase, payment and so on. You can also ask important things that you want to ask. However, if you want to come directly to the location, the address can also be found on the website.

Specify Order

After contacting customer service, you are required to choose the product to be ordered. As for examples of products can be seen on our official website. In determining this order, you must choose a sculpture model, size, color, material, and other categories.

It is intended that the product you ordered is really clear and can be done according to the wishes of the customer. This has become a priority in the Bali sculpture company. This applies if you order products online. If you come directly to the location you can order according to the examples that are available in our company.

Payment Stage

After clearly determining the order, including the number of statues ordered, the company will make a memorandum or detailed tariff to pay. Furthermore, you are required to pay in advance according to this amount. Payment can be made directly or via ATM transfer.

Even though payments are made at the beginning, you don’t need to worry because this company has been trusted for a long time and has never committed fraud. This has been proven by the number of customers who always re-order sculpture products in the Bali statue for an order.

Work Process

After making the payment process, you must include proof of payment if it is done by transfer. However, if you pay directly to our office, a note will show that you have paid. However, there are some of our customers who just pay a deposit at the beginning. Then, they will pay off the shortfall when the goods have been produced.

The next stage is the process of sculpture if the item to be purchased is not ready stock. However, if the statue is already in the company, customers just take it home or take care of the process of sending goods to the specified location.


The final step to order a product here is shipping. This applies to those of you who use shipping services or do not pick up your own items at our sculpture production site. Usually, this stage requires additional costs as shipping costs according to the distance of the destination location. The farther away from your location, the greater the cost involved.

Things to Look for When Ordering a Bali Statue

There are a number of things to consider when buying a statue in Bali. These considerations aim to ensure that the products obtained are as expected and do not disappoint the buyer. Here are a few:

Choose a Trusted Company

Before buying a statue, make sure you have chosen a trusted company. Moreover, there are currently many companies that sell similar products. Of course, not all have the best quality. In addition to getting the best sculpture products, this is also to prevent you from fraud.

To get a trusted product, you can consult with people who are experienced in buying similar sculptures. In addition, you can also compare several companies and choose trusted and most desirable customers. One of them is in this Balinese sculpture company.

Adjust Price with Budget

When buying a statue, you certainly want an affordable price right? Do not rush to buy. Make sure the sculpture company you choose offers affordable prices. This will make it easier for you to buy according to your financial condition.

Usually, in a sculpture company or shop offers several variants of the price of the statue. So, they provide this type of sculpture from the lowest price to the most expensive price. Therefore, adjust the type of sculpture to the availability of your money.

Ensure Quality and Material Guaranteed

Although choosing the most affordable product, don’t forget the quality of the statue that was purchased. The quality sculpture will last longer even if used for a long time. Quality must be considered not only in terms of sculpture models. But you also have to pay attention to the ingredients used.

This is because the quality of the material is very influential in the product’s durability. Among the best types of materials for making sculptures are concrete, stone, and hardwood. For those of you who are looking for the best sculpture products in a trusted place, the best recommendation is the Bali statue for an order. You can order the best statue here easily. The price is very affordable for all people. With a variety of sculpture models. For more information, please visit our website at

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