Balinese Stone Statue

Do you love Balinese stone carving but have no idea where to buy the product? We will help you to carve the best one and send it directly to your front door.

River Stone Statue Yuli Yudhistira

River Stone Statue

Bali is well-known as one of the mystical islands in the world that worships Gods through beautiful arts. One of the mediums that are used to worship is stone carving shaped in various sizes, colours, and characters. Not only used as religious ornaments, but also as home decorations.

If you are interested to purchase the products and sending them directly to your country, be sure that you pick them from the best stone carving Bali artists. 

You can order them at our website Bali Stone Carving Yuli Yudhistira, and we are more than pleased to serve you.

About Our Company

Yuli Yudhistira Stone Bali was established in 1998 specialised in stone carving, GRC, casting and so on. Our store is located at Jalan Raya Singapadu, Gianyar, and around 45 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

As we emphasise the quality of our products, we can make sure that the products available in our store are only the best yet affordable.  All these products are also ready to be shipped abroad, including Australia. No matter how big or small the products that you order, we will do our best to pack and ship them safely.


We sell various products that our artists carve from stone into artistic and aesthetic objects. And here is the list of products that we sell in our store:

  • Stone statues

We have a variety of stone statues and figures that are inspired by Hindu and Balinese sculptures. 

Balinese Green Stone Statue

Balinese Green Stone Statue

The figures of the statue mostly are the mystical guardians of the island, Hindu`’s Gods and Goddesses, Buddha, and even Balinese women. All these products generally are made of natural stones. You can also ask us if you need some specific products that you want to purchase, such as animals et cetera. We will do our best to fit your needs.

For more information, you can also access Beautiful Balinese Stone Sculpture for Your Garden and Here are 6 Best Stone Products for Home Exterior.

  • Casting statues

When it comes to casting statues, the products that are made are much lighter, less expensive and easier to instal. 

Balinese Casting Statue

Balinese Casting Statue

The figures and the shapes of casting statues in our store are almost the same with previous products. But in some variables, they have different prices and qualities.

You can always discuss with us which products fit your needs best.

  • Carved pots

Bali Pots and Bowl Yuli Yudhistira

Bali Pots and Bowl Stone Carving

If you are looking for some decorations for your garden, balcony or porch, our carved pots will suit best to them. We have various types of carved pots that are made of stone and clay. The size and shape are also diversified so you can pick some of them to beauty your place.

 You can use them as homes for your plants or just put some candles and garden lamps in it. You can always express your artistic sides through our product.

  • River stone

River stone statue

Bali River Stone Statue

We also provide the best quality of river stones that are mined at local rivers in Bali. They have varied colours, shape and size. You can use them as the floor base at your garden or outdoor bathroom. In Bali, we also use them as wall decorations.

  • Home decorations

furniture bali stone sculpture

Furniture Bali Stone Sculpture

For home decorations, we provide products for interior and exterior. Interior wise, we sell marble sculptings such as bathroom sinks and tabletops, and also furniture that is mostly made of wood.

As for exteriors, other than products that have been mentioned above, we also provide wall panel carving.

Packing and Shipping

We ship our products worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about the shipping. We frequently export our products to major countries such as the USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Africa, France, England, the Netherlands, and many more. 

If you already have a shipping method to transport your orders, you are good to go. But if you don’t have a shipping solution yet, we are more than glad to help you to send the products until they reach your front door. We have a special partner to handle the shipping which is specialised in shipping statues and other art crafts to many countries. Our partner is also a licensed company that has years of experience in expedition business. So, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

The service includes export package sea freight to your home country and insurance. We will also handle the document requirements. For the shipping price, it depends on your preferences. If you want the product to reach your home as fast as possible, you can choose air freight forwarding. However, the cost might be a little bit burdening.

If you want a cheaper solution, you can choose sea freight shipping. This method has two services; LCL and FCL. LCL or less than container load uses meter³ as its measurement, with the minimum scale is 1 meter³. Meanwhile, FCL or full container loading is available at a minimum scale of 20ft or 30 meter³.

Stone carving is a smart choice to decorate your home to bring out its artistic and aesthetic values. And don’t forget to purchase the products only at our store




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