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price bali stone carving

Visiting Bali will be incomplete if you don’t visit one of the largest sculpture centers there. One of the works in this area that attracts many tourists is the stone carving. Stone carving is a form of art that is designed with carving techniques. Thus, the beauty of this product is more memorable. There are several types of price Bali stone carving offered.

The stone sculpture carving company has been established for a long time and serves customers from various backgrounds. In fact, often tourists from other countries buy this unique product to take home. The beauty side of the sculpture product has been known for a long time.

Price Bali Stone Carving Based On the Type of Carving

When visiting the best sculpture production center in Bali, you might feel confused because of the many product variants in it. Each product has a different price. Depending on the size, design difficulties to the quality of the material. Here are some types of stone carving prices by type:

Simple Carving

One form of carving available at this company is a simple carving. This type has fairly simple carving characteristics. The design is not too complicated. Thus, the decorations on the stone do not stand out. However, that in no way affects the beauty of this product.

The price of this simple carving is not too expensive. Especially when compared with a complicated and luxurious design. That is because the making is not so difficult. The time required for completion is also fast.

Minimalist Carving

Minimalist carving designs are currently in great demand because it is very suitable juxtaposed with various types of construction. Starting from minimalist home buildings, parks, and other places. The main characteristic of this type of carving is that there are not too many patterns or engravings, but it still looks elegant when viewed.

The price of minimalist stone carvings is fairly standard or not too expensive. The size of the stone that is needed as a background is also not so big. However, you can choose the size according to your needs. This type of carving is perfect for your minimalist residential decoration.

Luxury Carving

This carving design is perfect for those of you who like luxury items. Unlike the two designs above which further emphasize the simple side, this carving shows a full and elegant decoration. Generally, making luxury carvings is not easy. Workers must spend more time to complete it.

While in terms of price, luxury carvings have a higher price compared to other types. Especially if you order in large quantities with large sizes. However, don’t worry because there are usually separate discounts or bonuses when customers buy in large quantities.

Antique Carving

Other types of carvings that you can find in this Bali stone carving are antique carvings. Called antique carving because it has a different model and design than the others. In fact, sometimes the model is arguably a limited edition.

The price of Bali stone carving is quite expensive because of its beauty and uniqueness more than others. The model is not easy to find elsewhere. Not only that, but buyers can also bring their own sample models to order at this company. However, they have to wait for some time for the processing process because the goods are not ready stock.

Casual Carving

The stone carving company in Bali is always developing following the times. So, there are also various models of casual and contemporary sculpture. It aims to serve the needs of young people who love carving. Proven many young people who come here to order carvings with casual themes.

The price of this type of stone carving is fairly standard. However, the larger the size of the statue, the price will also increase. However, many customers who buy statues here are satisfied with the results provided.

Price Bali Stone Carving Based On the Materials

The price of carving different stone sculptures in this company is also influenced by the material used. The more premium the type of material, the higher the price. However, the quality of the carving is also getting better. The following is a list of prices for Balinese stone carvings based on the materials used:

Andesite Stone

Andesite is a type of rock that is produced by volcanic activity. It has been believed since long ago as the best material for making household appliances, gravestones to carving art. Because of its unquestionable strength, this Andesite stone produces carvings of a high enough sale value.

Green Stone

Another material that is quite popular for making sculpture is greenstone. This stone is of high quality because it is taken directly from special nature, namely the cliff area in the high hills. Because of its good level of durability, this type of stone produces carving with a high enough price.

River Stone

River Stone is a type of stone taken from rivers, especially in mountainous regions. Stone material in it is not only qualified for carving but also commonly used for the construction of houses or other buildings. When compared to greenstone, the price of carvings made from river stones is more expensive.

Lava Stone

Lava stone is a type of rock that comes from the eruption of volcanic magma. This stone has a quality similar to the river stone. Thus, producing carving art with high selling prices. However, you don’t need to worry because at this Bali carving company the price offered is very affordable for all people.

For those of you who are on holiday in Bali, take the time to see our best collection of carvings and sculptures. Not only quality in terms of materials, but it also has high artistic value. The price is guaranteed cheap. Evidenced by the many customers who come every day to order certain sculpture or carving products here.

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