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Do you need some ideas to decorate your garden? Why don’t you place a couple of Balinese stone sculptures to add aesthetic value to your home?

Buddha Stone Statue

Buddha Stone Statue

Stone sculpture is an object which has been carved or assembled from a stone to a three-dimensional shape. Usually, the visual of this kind of art product is exciting and sometimes represents some local and traditional wisdom.

In the ancient times of India, Egypt, Greece and most of Europe, petroglyphs or known as stone engraving was already practised by removing the surface of the rocks. And from these times, the art of carving, incising, abrading and pecking was also found.

During this time, stone sculptures represented the belief of society and used them as a medium to worship gods. And then they were developed and used to represent historical figures who participated in civilisation. The technique used in ancient times to carve the stone is abrasive, and mostly use traditional tools such as chisel and hammer.

Modern Times of Stone Sculpture 

In modern times, the stone sculpture is usually used as building decorations to represent the history of those places. The techniques used nowadays are utilising advanced technological tools such as supercomputers, robots, and algorithms. But in some areas, traditional methods are still used.

 In public spaces such as museums, libraries, schools, and even city halls usually use historical figures or items to show the revival of history. They are also put there to show how the legacy of historical times can survive in modern society.

And in more personal usage, people usually use them as home decorations and put the stone sculpture for the garden. This could be a perfect option if you are interested in adding elegance to your terrace, patio and tiny green field. 

Stone statues for gardens have been a famous exterior idea. And if you choose the product carefully, you can also make a special theme for your garden. One of the most popular themes is oriental. By placing a Buddha statue and other oriental ornaments, you can feel like you are travelling to East Asia.

Another theme that is hard to beat is the traditional style. If you happened to be in Bali during your holiday, you had to witness the beauty of Balinese gardens displayed in hotels or restaurants. And no wonder many visitors want to replicate this theme to their home garden.

Balinese style gardens are exotic and use tropical landscaping that can make your garden unique, artsy and of course, beautiful. To create this style, you have to carefully pick specific plants and decorative ornaments that represent Bali, such as stone sculptures. 

If you are in Bali, you can directly go to the workshops or stores that sell the products. There are many experienced and well-known sculptors whose products can fit your needs. And one of them is Yuli Yudhistira Stone Carving.

But if you are away from Bali, you can visit the website Stone Art of Indonesia for further information.

For more information, you can also access Stone Carving in Bali: The Best Quality and Ready to Export and Here are 6 Best Stone Products for Home Exterior.

Where to Buy Balinese Stone Sculptures

At Yuli Yudhistira Stone Carving, we provide high quality and affordable stone sculpture for sale. We have been serving our customers since 1998 and keep expanding our business to meet your satisfaction. Our store is located at Jalan Raya Singapadu, Gianyar, close to many tourist attractions. 

Several products that we specialised about are:

  • Stone statues

Balinese Stone Statue

Balinese Stone Statue

We sell statues of important figures and symbols of Balinese Culture such as mystical guardians of the island, Hindu`s gods, and even Balinese Women. Our products are not limited to these. We also provide other oriental ornaments such as various kinds of Buddha statues that are mostly made of natural stones.

If you would like to order another shape or figures such as animals, greek goddess, et cetera you can always call our customer service. We are more than pleased to serve you.

  • Home decorations

For home decorations, we sell products for interior and exterior. Interior wise, we sell marble sculpting in the form of bathroom sinks and tabletops. 

Set Soap Dispenser from Marble

Set Soap Dispenser from Marble

We also provide river stones that were mined from local rivers in Bali with high quality and various colours and shapes. You can use the river stone as a floor or base for your bathroom and also garden. And in addition to the interior, we do furniture that is mostly made by high-quality woods. The products vary from bedroom furniture to living room.

For exterior wise, other than statues, we also sell carved pots and wall panels. The carved pots in our store must be suitable for your tropical and oriental garden concept.  Varied in size, shape and colour, you can pick anything that fits your idea and theme.

You can just place them as what they are, or use it as a home for your plants and to become a base for your twinkling candlelight night. If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to visit our store in Gianyar. You can also make an order via our website, and we will respond as fast as possible. We also ship our products abroad using a licensed expedition company that has years of experience in handling art crafts.

So, have you decided which stone sculptures that you will pick to add elegance to your garden?


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