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Statue is one type of art that still exists to this day. One of the most popular and popular models of statue is the stone statue. One factor is that stone sculptures are stronger and more durable than other materials. Of the various stone sculpture models, the Bali Stone Statue is in great demand. 

Sculptures made by Balinese people have become a reference, not only by the local community, but also nationally and even internationally. 

The benefits of Bali Stone Statues

The benefits or uses of Balinese sculpture are very diverse. Not only for certain worship facilities, but also for decoration of various places. The following are the various benefits that you will get from the Bali Stone Statue:

As an Interior Decoration

Today, many sculptures serve as interior decoration. Its main function is to beautify the inside of the room. Many people put it in the living room to decorate. Some people even buy statues to put in office and meeting rooms.

To make a statue as a decoration in the room, you must adjust the model and shape of the statue to the type of room. Make sure to choose a model that is unique, attractive and up to date. In addition, the size of the statue also needs to be adjusted to make your room look more proportional.

As an Exterior Decoration 

Besides being used for interior decoration of the room, sculpture is also commonly used to complement the exterior design. Many Balinese people put several statues in front of their homes as a form of decoration and culture. 

bali stone statue

Elsewhere, statues are also placed at the gate of the house as a form of appreciation for the guests who come. Therefore, not infrequently the statue is placed in front of the hotel. The use of statues as other exterior decorations is also commonly found in parks. For example around a fountain.

Various tourist attractions in Indonesia are also often equipped with sculpture to add an impression of that location. The shape and model of the statue for tourism also varies, ranging from animals, plants, humans and even cartoon-shaped sculptures.

To Commemorate Historical Events

Another benefit of stone sculptures is to commemorate historical events that have taken place. The main goal is of course to remember an important event and also someone’s services. In some of Indonesia’s tourist attractions, many statues are made to commemorate important events and the people involved in the event.

There are also those who make a statue of a figure to be placed in strategic places, such as museums, city parks and others. This type of sculpture is usually made of stone because it is more durable despite being exposed to rain and the sun’s heat.

As a Religious Means

Not only that, stone statues are also commonly used for religious purposes, especially for Hindus and Buddhists. In Indonesia, generally places of worship such as temples will be given a special sculpture decoration. For example the statue of the Gods that are considered sacred.

That is why in Bali many people make Bali Stone Statue near places of worship or tourism. However, for religious purposes, statues are not just any sculpture. Of course it must be in accordance with each other’s beliefs.

As a Biology Viewer

In addition to some of the benefits of the stone sculpture above, there are also other benefits such as for Biology props. However, this is not so widely used. Generally, Biology teaching aids are made with materials other than stones. 

That is because stones have the impression of being too heavy to be moved from one place to another.

To Demonstrate Regional Culture

The next benefit of the stone sculpture that is no less important is as a form of cultural expression of a community. It also functions as a form of cultural heritage for the next generation. That is why the making of sculpture is so much in demand.

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Bali Stone Statues Models and Motifs

Stone statues have rich models and motifs. This is in line with the creativity and intelligence of the human brain to make it. They get inspiration from various things in nature. Thus, an extraordinary work of art emerged that continues to develop to this day.

Here are some models and motifs of stone sculpture that can be selected:

Human Shaped Stone Sculpture

Human model stone sculptures today are often found in various regions. Not only a statue of a famous figure, but also a statue of certain figures such as police, soldiers and many others. Making a human-shaped stone sculpture is certainly not easy. You must have skills in drawing and translating an object first.

Because of the high level of difficulty in making sculptures, it is not surprising that several stone human statues are sold at slightly higher prices. However, for a collector or statue lover that will not be a problem. In fact, they are willing to spend any amount of money to buy a statue.

Stone Sculpture Shaped Animal

Other forms of stone sculpture that are in great demand by the public are animals. Types of animals that can be made sculptures are also very diverse. From small to large animals. That way, the animal model chosen can be adjusted to the needs and tastes of each.

Among the places that need stone-shaped animal sculptures are zoos, museums and so on.

Antique Stone Sculpture

Another sculpture model that is also interesting to be chosen is a unique stone sculpture. Typically, this type of sculpture will mimic the forms of unique objects that have been collected by humans. For example the form of swords, krisses, hammers and objects of the past that are considered sacred to this day.

Usually, the antique object will be used as a collection by several people. In fact, it is not uncommon to buy and sell at expensive prices.

Bali Stone Statue has a variety of models and variants of types that can be selected according to their respective preferences. The benefits of Balinese sculpture are also very diverse in life. For more information, please visit our website at

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