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The statue is a work of art that has existed since long time ago. This object is in great demand because of its aesthetic side. One of the sculpture that has remained popular in Indonesia until now is the Bali statues. This is not surprising because Bali is known as the best producer of art.

The Bali Statues

The world of sculpture has a very broad scope. Not only does it vary in terms of ingredients, but there are a variety of manufacturing techniques that are interesting to understand. Here is a complete review of the Balinese sculpture that can be used as your learning material.

Materials for Making Bali Statues

There are several types of materials commonly used for making statue. Starting from the simplest ingredients to the heaviest. Here are a few:

Hard Materials

The first type of material is the hard material category. This material is the most popular because it is more effective and durable. The materials included in this category are wood and stone. You cannot carelessly choose the type of wood. The most appropriate are solid textured woods such as Teak, Ulin and Sonokeling wood.

As for stone material, you can choose hard stones like Granite, Andesite, Padas, Marble and so on. In addition to stone, solid materials for making sculptures are gold, bronze, cement and others.

Soft Material

Next is soft materials that are easier to shape as desired. For example, wax, soap, clay and various other soft materials. The clay that will be used as material must be completely natural and not mixed with other materials such as grass and roots.

In addition to clay, materials from candles are also very easy to obtain. The price is also affordable in stores. However, you must be selective in choosing the type of candle because this material has a varying softness. Another ingredient that is not less interesting to be chosen is soap.

Medium Materials

The main characteristic of medium material is that it is neither too soft nor too hard. Several types of wood are included in this material. Like Mahogany wood, Randu wood and Waru wood. However, this type of material is not durable enough for sculpture products. In addition, it also requires special care so that it is not easily damaged or brittle.

Techniques in Making Bali Statues That Can Be Made Choices

Making a Bali Statue can be done with several techniques. Each technique certainly has its own weaknesses and advantages. So, you should adjust to the needs and types of sculpture that will be made. Here are some techniques:

Grain Technique

The first technique that can be selected to make a sculpture is Grain. This one technique is very concerned about aesthetics that make people able to enjoy and feel more satisfied with it. However, you can only apply this technique to soft materials such as night casts, clay and others.

Modeling Technique 

The next technique that is no less popular is the Modeling technique. As the name suggests, this technique puts more emphasis on the design or shape of the sculpture. The steps begin by determining the desired model first. After that, the sculpture maker must carve and make a pattern that matches the image.

Assembling Or Cast Technique

This next technique has a different method and step than before. Generally, it is used for types of sculpture made of metal or the like. The manufacturing step is to melt the metal first. You do this by heating it on high heat. Furthermore, the result of the metal heating liquid will be inserted into the sculpture mold according to the desired pattern. 

Assembling Techniques

Assembling techniques are also commonly used to make sculptures. Many people call this technique similar to playing puzzle. Starting with assembling the basic ingredients of the statue in accordance with the desired design, then assembling it into a single unified whole.

Forming Technique

Someone who has an artistic soul usually likes this sculpture making technique. However, an artist who uses it must have high accuracy. Formation of the statue in the technique is done in stages. So, we can be sure that the result is more beautiful because there is a deep artistic meaning in it.

Chisel technique

In addition to some of the techniques above, you can also choose a sculpture tool to make a sculpture. However, of course this technique is not easy to apply because it requires special skills and training. This technique can only be used for solid sculpture, such as wood and stone.

Types of Sculpture in the World of Science

There are quite a number of types of sculpture that developed from time to time. Among these are sculpture based on shape and type. Each type will be explained below:

Types of Statues Based on Their Shape

There are two types of sculpture based on the shape, first is Figurative and second is Non Figurative. Figuratif is a type of sculpture that is more likely to imitate real life in terms of shape. For example, the shape of a statue that resembles animals, humans, plants and so forth in terms of form.

The type of Non Figurative sculpture is different from the one. The main thing that distinguishes the two is that this type of sculpture tends not to resemble the original. In fact, it is not uncommon to only represent abstract lines and patterns on the sculpture that was made.

Types of Statues Based on Their Type

While sculpture based on its type is also divided into two types, first is Zonde Bosse and second is Relief. Zonde Bosse is a statue that stands alone as a unit. So, do not stick to certain places such as walls and so forth. 

Relief is a type of sculpture that is usually used to reflect historical stories. Thus, the shape of the statue tends to stick to something, for example on a wall.

There are many models of sculpture that developed in the world, one of which is the Bali Statue which is still preserved. In fact, you can order or buy a statue there. For more information, please visit our website at

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