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You are looking for quality sculpture for decoration or others? Do not get the wrong place because not all sculpture makers are able to produce quality products. One of the recommendations for the best sculpture manufacturer is Bali. Inside there are many premium quality Bali statue for sale.

In this place, you can choose various types and models of the best statue. From the cheapest price to the most expensive one can be obtained. Therefore, it is not surprising that Balinese statues are sought after by consumers from various regions.

Products Offered at Bali Statue For Sale

There are many products offered in this place. You are free to choose which product best suits your taste. Each product has a different price and quality. Some sculpture models to choose from are as follows:

Lava Stone Statue Bali Statue

Height 70 cm

The Lava Stone Statue is one of the leading sculpture products at the Bali statue for sale. The process of making this stone uses the original hand carving method of craftsmen. The quality of the sculpture here is very durable even though it has been made for decades.
One of the advantages offered by this type of stone is that it is made from natural stone taken from the original mountain region. These raw materials can be formed into various models of the best sculpture in Bali.

Antique Bali Statue

bali statue

If you are a fan of antiques, then this Antique Statue can be the right choice. Therefore, do not miss when you visit Bali. The antique sculptures produced here are very interesting to be used as collections. The distinctive nuance of the statue will make you more memorable of the area.
There are a variety of antique sculpture models to choose from. Among them are dragon head sculptures, human form masks, bird sculptures, half body sculptures and many others. These various models have different sizes. Each size certainly has a varying price.

Green Stone Bali Statue

Available size 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm

Another product that is no less interesting to choose from is the Green Stone Statue. Like some other types of sculpture, the Green Stone Statue is produced by the method of human manual engraving. However, when compared with lava stone and river stone, the quality of the material is still below both of them.

Usually, the material for making this statue is taken from the original natural stone in the area of ​​the hill cliff. Interestingly, the Green Stone Statue has a variety of unique shapes. Most consumer demand is statues of gods and other sacred figures. The statue can be formed with a variety of expressions, ranging from standing, sitting and even sleeping.

River Stone Statue

bali statue

Length 200 cm

Another interesting product that you can get here is the River Stone Statue. As the name suggests, the raw material for this product is river stones that are still original and natural. River rock is popular with its durability. Thus, the resulting sculpture is also more sturdy in the long run.

The main characteristics of this type of sculpture are pale white, others with green stones. You can order this Bali statue for sale product with various size choices. From the smallest size to the largest.

Stone Relief

Stone Relief is another product available here. Very interesting to be a choice because it has a unique model. This product is also made by the chisel method. However, it is different from ordinary sculpture types because it sticks to the background.

Stone Relief is usually placed on the outside of the room. Whether it’s on the fence, gate, garden or others. Generally, relief sizes are made standard, not too small and not too wide. The motive itself adjusts to customer demand.

Table & Chair Stone

Here, you can also buy unique table and chair products made from stone. Designed in such a way as to give a beautiful and different impression. It is suitable to be placed at home, parks, tourist attractions and others.

This product consists of one table with several chairs. The model can vary. Some are round, square, square and so on.

Pots and Bowls Carving

In addition to some of the products above, you can also get pot products here. Pot is a place to grow plants. Usually, this is placed in a garden or yard. Not infrequently also placed in the house as a living room decoration.

In addition to pots, there are also unique bowls that you can order. The materials used to make the product are a mixture of sand, cement and also beautiful carvings. There are various sizes that can be adjusted to your needs.

Pertified Wood

This is a hard textured object that was originally in the form of wood. However, over time, their products turn into fossils and petrified. Pertified Wood is sought after because it can be a unique material for a variety of modern furniture needs.

For example, to make unique tables and chairs, sinks, home exterior decoration and others. The main characteristic of this product is that it has a motif similar to wood. However, the texture is like a stone.


The next product is various types of furniture. Good for home, office, hotel or other furniture needs. The furniture available here is different from the others, especially in terms of artistic value and beauty. The characteristic of the furniture here is to have an old-fashioned but still elegant impression.
Therefore, do not be surprised if many people are looking for it in Bali.

Casting Statue

Casting Statue is fairly high quality because it is more sturdy and not easily cracked. It won’t break even in decades. The technique of making this sculpture is by printing concrete with special molds. The advantages of this product are available in various sizes and colors. Thus, customers are more free to choose their preferences.
Are you interested to buy or order at Bali Statue for Sale? Do not be confused because we are ready to serve you. We provide various types of sculptures and the best furniture of an international standard. Guaranteed satisfaction with affordable prices. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.yuliyudhistirastonebali.com.

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