Prices Bali Statue are Cheap and Affordable for All Groups

prices bali statue

The current interest in the statue is higher because it is considered to have high artistic value. Statues as decoration can be placed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. One of the public references for the best sculpture products is Bali. The prices Bali statue is also quite affordable.

This Balinese sculpture company offers several superior quality sculpture models. Made from the best materials that are resilient. That’s why this place is more likable by customers. You who are in need of sculpture products can try it here.

Bali Statue Price Types You Can Choose

Because it offers several models and sizes of sculpture, the price of sculpture in Bali is quite diverse. Standard prices were available from the lowest to the highest. Here is a list of prices in this company. You can choose the most suitable for financial conditions.

Unit Price

Unit price is the price you get when you buy a statue in units. Can buy one, two or three statues. Thus, payment for these products will be calculated per item. Usually, people who buy a single statue only need a little statue as decoration. Whether it’s a decoration in the house, yard or garden.

Even though the calculation is in units, you don’t need to worry because the price of the statue here is still affordable for all people. In fact, there are discounts at certain moments. Although for the usual price is still above the wholesale price.

Wholesale price

The next type of Balinese sculpture price is wholesale prices. This price applies to the purchase of statues in large enough quantities. So, the price is different from the unit purchase. The more purchases of sculpture products, the cheaper the price will be.

Generally, customers who buy at wholesale prices are suppliers who want to resell the statue in his private store. In addition, sometimes some large contractors will buy this product in line with their high needs. For example, contractors who build cultural parks, museums, city halls and other places that usually need a large amount of sculpture decoration.

Discounted Price

Unlike the two types of prices above, the discounted price is not always available in the Bali sculpture company. However, certain moments will be held in an effort to attract the interests of customers. You also have the opportunity to get this discounted price.

At a discount, you will get a cheaper price than the original one. So, it can save more costs. However, if you want this price, you have to wait until the company issues a discounted price at certain moments.

Premium Price

In addition to several prices Bali statue above, this company also provides a premium price for you. The premium price is devoted to superior quality sculpture. The advantages of the product are not only in terms of size but also interesting materials and models.

The statue with a premium price is very suitable to be placed outdoors. Especially for museums or city icons. Even though the price is rather high compared to the others, this sculpture product has undoubted quality.

Things That Affect the Price of Bali Statues

Pricing on statues in Bali is not haphazard. There are various considerations that make the price difference. Starting from the quality, size and more. Here are some factors that can affect the price of the statue:

Type of Material Used

There are several materials used to make sculptures. Between one and another have different qualities. This, in turn, affects the price of materials. For example, wood material that has a lower level of resistance compared to stone or concrete materials.

With these qualities, the price of more expensive stones will affect the price of the statue. The better the quality of the stone used, usually, the price of the statue will also be higher. However, the quality of the material will usually affect the durability of the sculpture product. So, even though it has been used for decades, it will remain durable.

Order Amount

The second factor affecting the price of the statue is the number of orders. The more statues you buy, the more money you have to spend. In addition, it is also determined based on its size. If the size of the statues is large, then the price will also be higher.

However, usually, people will buy a statue in accordance with the number and size required. And companies will provide lower prices if customers buy in large quantities.

Sculpture Model

There are several models of sculpture based on its type. Of course, each model has a different price. The more complicated and special the model you want, the higher the price will be. That is because workers will experience more difficulties during the sculpture process. In addition, it also takes longer.

Some types of models that affect the price are certain hero figures, god models, sleeping princess models, relief models, and many others. Even though the model influences the price, one’s satisfaction will defeat it. Because sculpture is a work that has its own beauty and makes the atmosphere around it more interesting.

Other Facilities and Components

Another factor that can increase the price of the statue is the facilities you use. For example, if a customer accesses goods delivery services. To send goods, you must spend an amount of money in accordance with the distance to your location.

In addition to shipping facilities, it can also be influenced by special requests from customers. For example, you want additional accessories on the statue ordered. Usually, there is a fee for that. Or you want the same model but using other materials of higher quality, this will also increase the selling price of the statue.

In essence, the price of a statue in Bali is determined based on the quality of the statue. The better the quality, the more expensive the price will be.
However, you don’t need to worry because the prices Bali statue here is very affordable and can be adjusted to the contents of your wallet. You will get professional services with quality products here. For more information, please visit our website at